Are you paying high brokerage ????
pay Rs.20 or 0.01 % lower one always

Select a Discount broker and always pay less brokerage ...why to pay 0.50 if you have got the broker who offers you a very less brokerage charge . Save your money ....fill the next box. You will get a quick call with an expert to help you .



Rs 20 /order
  • Platform - PI , KITE , MOB
  • Equity Rs 20 0.01% (intraday) or 0.1%(delivery)
  • Equity Futures Rs 20/executed order or 0.01% whichever is lower
  • Backoffice Q reporting


Rs 20 /order
  • Platform nest, web, Mobile
  • Equity 3999 or free 5 trades per month
  • Equity Equity Rs 20 OR Unlimited for Rs 3999/month
  • SLOW Support


Rs 999 /month
  • Platform NEST ,NOW ,MOB
  • Equity Rs 999/Month or Rs 9/Executed order
  • Equity Future Rs 999/Month or Rs 9 per Executed order
  • stock tips


.05 /order
  • Equity- 0.05% Intraday & 0.5% Delivery - Negotiable
  • Equity Futures 0.05% of Turnover - Negotiable

Optimize trades through choosing best brokerage Firm

Perhaps you know what stocks you want, and you can make your own investment decisions. All you need is a convenient way to transact your buy/sell orders. In that case, go with a discount broker. They don't offer advice or premium services — just the basics required to perform your stock transactions. discount broker Discount brokers, as the name implies, are cheaper to engage than full-service brokers. Because you are advising yourself (or getting advice and information from third parties such as newsletters, hotlines, or independent advisors), you can save on costs that you would incur if you used a full-service broker.

What discount stock brokers can do for you ?

Increase your user loyalty by maintaining mutual communication and nurturing your online community.


Lower cost

This lower cost is usually the result of lower commissions, and it is the primary benefit of using discount brokers.

Unbiased service

Because they don't offer advice, discount brokers have no vested interest in trying to sell you any particular stock.

Access to info

Established discount brokers offer extensive educational materials at their offices or on their websites.

No guidance

If you're a knowledgeable investor, the lack of advice is considered a positive thing -no interference.

Learn how to make you find best discount broker

These firms do not provide any kind of services other than just processing the orders and clearing the transactional issues. Hence the commissions charged by these firms are less compared to that of full service brokerage firms. These are more suited for the investors who have quite a lot of experience in trading in stock market and those who have time to research on the investing plans. Even for choosing discount brokers, there are several options in India, some are shown in the above image. Most have a minimum account opening charge followed by a brokerage on every trade made through them. After seeing the rates charged by the brokerage firms shown in both the images, you might be realizing what we said initially was true. You don't need a huge amount of money to start investing with.


5 Most Important Tips for Beginners

1. Invest only your surplus funds: If you want to take risk in the volatile market, then see whether you have surplus funds to spare. It is not you lose money in the present scenario. The lessons learned will help to earn fruits in near feature. However it is advised not to invest more than 10-15% of the income of any individual.

2.Don't buy all at once:

To maximize your profits, stage your buys slowly on time, work on your orders and try to get best price for it over time.

3. Buy stocks in demand, not brands: Investors can’t alter the orders once made, so do research and focus on the stocks in demand rather than brands.

4. Diversify and control risk: Try to diversify your portfolio so that risk is minimized, this helps in staying alive even if market downfalls.

5. Do homework on your preferred stocks: Before you buy any stock it is very important to do basic ground work on that stock such as knowing its historical price etc.

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